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Drawing inspiration from the traditional Malay and vernacular architecture, I dig back into my memories of some traditional elements that can further compliments & reflect this sense. The gasing, the raga ball, the congkak, the oil lamp, the shadow play and more prominently the symbolic of our national flower the hibiscus crosses my mind.


How beautiful and aptly it can be to have these element carried into the theme. Having this in mind, and with the imagination of the sea breeze blowing and the wave pounding, the inspiration of infusing them into the overall design abstractly and some directly found its way to the creation of this tropical paradise..... Pay attention to all the details and the underlining meaning of an idea so simple and pure but filled with so much richness in context. Enjoy the simple joy on what will be shared as much as I enjoyed looking at the

movement of my shadow casted by the little oil lamp that draws reference to the wayang kulit in our design.

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