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Inside Scoop KLCC


Simple happiness lies within every scoop of an ice-cream that fills the heart of the kiosk. Not recreating a literal playground but reimagining a dessert place where people of all ages relive childhood memories through little wonders and cheeky elements found within the kiosk.  


Pragmatic and challenging corner, the kiosk’s location becomes an interesting spatial challenge. Taking advantage of the slanted escalator, the kiosk takes form of the corner transforming into a hut-like dessert kiosk.  Wooden frames house the kiosk provides an imaginative shelter .The play of lightbulbs above the roof sparks passerby’s interests to visit the kiosk. Fun fair vibe is translated through the play of pastel colour palette and zesty patterns. 


The feeling of zest is further enhanced with the repetition of lines and patterns flux across the kiosk. The dynamic patterns creates illusion of liveliness and movement as it reflects the feeling of one when savouring the desserts. Highlighting Inside Scoop’s brand image, the colour yellow draws attention of passerby enticing them with an appetising atmosphere.

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