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Infinitium Corporate Office


This corporate office represents the new generation of workspace through a series of seamless spaces catered to a dynamic workforce. A collaborative and adaptable business environment helps to showcase the company’s identity as a forward-thinking company specialising in ePayment business solutions. The key element of the design concept is the “infinity” symbol, which is derived from the name Infinitium, to represent the infinite ability and growth of the organisation. The resulting element is a looping symbol marked by clean lines to form the basis of the interior design. The environment is conceived to provide a sense of belonging and enhance the productivity of the staff, and also of visitors, through an elevated user experience. It aims to support and foster a creative workforce in a consolidated workspace by facilitating collaboration, innovation and networking – characteristics which exemplify the spirit of the organisation. This ethos is present throughout the space, from the reception area right down to the breakout areas. The entrance to the workspace begins at the infinite greeting area, which takes the form of an open holding and waiting space, to provide a warm and welcoming ambience. The conventional reception desk, which has the tendency to create an intangible barrier, is replaced with plush seating to offer a more personalised approach.

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