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The project attempts to create several STOP points for the visitors. It prompts one to RETHINK what is in existence and what needs to be preserve. The concept draws inspiration from OUR tradition, culture and natural elements. These elements were uncovered to provide visitors with an exclusive EXPERIENCE.


The 3 stop points of dwelling allow visitors to celebrate the natural elements - sky, water and ‘green’ which are lacking  in the ever growing rapid urban lifesetyle. The design draws inspiration from the traditional Malay and vernacular architecture.


The design recreates a space to stop (“perhentian”) for the tourist: stop and rethink what is in existence: sun, sea and forest. The cultures vanishing tradition and skill creates an inspiration and awareness to appreciate the remains of what we have and what we should preserve. The site ranges from a flat topography which is suitable and safe for a childrens area, to a sloping terrain which encourages the building to protrude from the natural landform, enhancing the spatial and architectural quality. The Permeability’s main circulation of the site relates to the surrounding existing jungles trekking trail and cafeteria. This relation increases the activity toward the site.