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Fonterra GBS


When Fonterra’s Global Business Services announced the establishment of a new shared service centre in Kuala Lumpur to support its customer base in Asia, Middle East and Greater China, The designer saw the need to keep the design philosophy true to the Fonterra’s ideals –pure and natural, bringing to life the company’s heritage as a New Zealand dairy co-operative owned by its farmers.


This is reflected immediately to visitors upon arrival at the reception area, where visitors can instantly gauge the nature of Fonterra’s business and its connection to the natural environment. These different materials are then continued throughout the headquarters and appears alongside each other within each of the designated zones, symbolizing aptly the collaborative and interconnectivity of people and environment, which Fonterra thrives on. 


The project was completed in two phases, set over approximately 14000 sqft of internal space and an additional 1450 sqft outdoor balcony on both wings on the 16th floor of Puchong Financial Corporate Tower, the brief was to cater to an open office area with plenty of casual collaboration corners, meeting rooms, boardrooms and a large breakout area. The brief also looked to take full advantage of the outdoor balcony to bring a little piece of the New Zealand outdoor farming lifestyle to Kuala Lumpur.

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